Provide installation and commissioning services for problems and provide all types of hardware devices for optical light pens and Sensors for IOT(Internet of things) devices and any office equipment and smartphones and provide representation to companies and individuals



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Internet of things

What is the IoT? How the internet of things works

The internet of things (IoT) is a network of connected smart devices providing rich data, but it can also be a security nightmare


The first architecture and developer of Inspection Softwares


Developing software in cross platforms Windows , IOS , Android, Linux , Web Applications and websites

We are focusing onabort=" clude computing by webservices and Big Data"

  • Accounting Software
  • International technical and commodity inspection software
  • Automation softwares
  • Business inteligent softwares
  • Any Special software for your company or small bussiness or organization [the solution is in our mind]
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In a business environment, I would not recommend using the network shared storage feature of the router. This method has little access control, reliability, or performance for that many simultaneous connections. Going with a server (or at minimum a NAS) is going to be the right path.

What you need in your bussiness are:

  • Online directory business needs an Internet information service with a static IP to handle your Site,FTP , Mail Server
  • Setting up clients access to Data is your need in bussiness
  • to avoiding of island software you do need a centeral Data bases blongs to your kind of business BigData Oracle , DB2 , Medium scale MSSQL and Sharepoint , FileBases Spread Sheets and mysql, access, ...
  • Our recomndation is going to cloud computing and webservices and VPS
Do not hesitate to ask any question from us